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Day Three Hundred Thirty Three (Year Seven)

The new music came today, and while that is epic and awesome and all things wonderful, I didn't have any time to sit down and dive into any of it tonight, and that, after the day I had, seems rather deflating.

What I'd like to do is disappear into the basement for the next two or three days, in an attempt to rediscover my center and make some really good progress on my goals for the summer.  Realistically speaking, that won't happen until Friday at the earliest, but at this point I would take that.

All I know for sure is that I need to do something tomorrow that gets me closer to making my EP project more of a reality, and then just build on that and go from there.
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Day Three Hundred Thirty Two (Year Seven)

Today was a better day.

While I didn't have a chance to hide out and do much in the way of playing, I was able to hide away with the new Jason Isbell record, and that helped restore a bit of my soul.

The other good thing that happened... the Mrs. put in an Amazon order that just happened to include:

Tomorrow Forever - Matthew Sweet
Kids In The Street - Justin Townes Earle

and Cover Stories, the new album helmed by Brandi Carlile that celebrates the 10th anniversary of her record, The Story.

So, yeah, not enough rock and roll, but good listening both now and ahead.

Day Three Hundred Thirty One (Year Seven)

Today was quieter than I was hoping it would be. 

In the end, there wasn't a whole lot of time to spend in the studio, and I'm really starting to feel that lack of time in a big way.  Things are looking busy for the rest of the week, but what I need to do for my own sense of sanity is hide out in the basement, or really anywhere in the house, with a notebook and a guitar.

I don't know... it's just been a frustrating run of weeks for finding time to work on my own stuff.

Day Three Hundred Thirty (Year Seven)

Well, I got to the only thing I really had on my list today, and that was to get everything from our week at camp unpacked and moved back into the studio.

I'm still wishing that I'd had actual time to get to my own stuff last week.  I know it doesn't pay to be frustrated that I didn't, and I know that I really need to look at the week to come as my chance to really get into all of that.

It's still weird to be home, and I'm feeling like that has slowed me down a bit for the last couple of days.  All of that needs to change tomorrow.  It's high time to kick the summer into high gear.

Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine (Year Seven)

So, I didn't get a whole lot of time to get the studio reset today, but I can tell you what did happen: I picked up a bit of new music. Three albums, actually:

1. The new Jason Isbell
2. The new Bleachers record
3. The new record by Lorde

I am hoping that tomorrow is going to be a better day in the house as opposed to out of it.

Day Three Hundred Twenty Five (Year Seven)

Today was another good day.

I spent a bit of time finishing up the book I had started yesterday about the guy who was searching for his personal record collection.

We also had a couple of good worship services today that I got to play for. The music is still a bit of a work in progress, but it's getting better.

The only thing I didn't get a whole lot of time to work on was my own projects. I am going to really try and carve out a bit of time for that tomorrow, though.