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Day One Hundred Forty Five (Year Eight)

Not a whole lot to speak of today, as we spent most of the day in DSM trying to finish up the rest of the Christmas shopping.  We didn't quite make it, and we got home crazy late.

That being said, I scored the new issue of Guitar Techniques, and I'm hopeful that tomorrow will have some studio time in it.

A good day.  A fun day.  Still, not enough time to sit down and play.
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Day One Hundred Forty Four (Year Eight)

I am at a bit of a loss as to where the weeks go. It seems like it was just yesterday that I spent a bit of the down time at work plotting out the things I was hoping to get to over the weekend, and now here we are again.

Thank Goodness that the Christmas break is coming. Then I am going to really try and carve out a good chunk of time in the studio to start the year off right.

That said, I am hopeful that I can get a whole lot of time in the studio this weekend as well.

Day One Hundred Forty Two (Year Eight)

Today was a quiet day outside of my head, but a loud one inside it.

Yes, it was a day that contained more mental work than physical work, but the week before finals will have that effect on things. The good news is that I have tomorrow off, and will have more time in the studio to put into practice all of the things I have been thinking about all week.

Day One Hundred Forty (Year Eight)

Today was a good day.  I actually got a small fraction of time in the studio, which is more than I can really say for the rest of the weekend, and while I didn't make huge progress, I can honestly say that it was good to just get a guitar in my hands again, because it felt like it had been a long time since that had happened for a decent period of time.

I was also able to give myself a small glimpse of what's coming with both the rest of December and the start of next year.  I know I had started blocking that out earlier in the week, but I'm getting pieces of the way forward, and it's feeling pretty good right now.

Good day all around.

Day One Hundred Thirty Eight (Year Eight)

So, today was again a quiet day.  Probably the best part about it was the fact that my copies of the new Noel Gallagher record and the new U2 record came in the mail.

I haven't had time to do a lot of listening yet, but we got some work done around the house today, and I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be a basement day that will involve a lot of music.

Day One Hundred Thirty Seven (Year Eight)

Today was mostly a quiet one.  I was able to fit in a bit of work on my 18 Days of Lead Guitar challenge today, but it was mostly done in  the few minutes I had a short breather at work.  I'm really hoping that short burst of work can lead to some good work over the weekend, but we shall see.