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Day Two Hundred Thirty Two (Year Eight)

Today was quiet again.  Good, but quiet.

I found a few minutes here and there to fit in some playing, and did some studying for a little while, but mostly I (again) just got ready for company to be here.

Still, there were moments of music that were good.  I'll take a few more tomorrow.
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Day Two Hundred Thirty One (Year Eight)

Today was another day that was a hodgepodge.

There wasn't a ton of time for playing, as once again, other needs got in the way.  That leaves tomorrow before family gets here, and luckily for me, there's work that needs to be done downstairs.  Plus, the Mrs. is gone for some of the day, so I can be loud without fear.

I'm really hoping for a good day tomorrow, because I very much need it.

Day Two Hundred Thirty (Year Eight)

Today was quiet again.  All of the things I was hoping to get to today will have to wait until tomorrow, as the bulk of the day was spent running errands and getting other stuff done around the house in preparation for family coming on Monday.

I'm very much hopeful, however, that tomorrow will afford me some studio time.

Day Two Hundred Twenty Nine (Year Eight)

It's been a couple days.  A couple of quiet days, and honestly, today wasn't much louder.  About the only good news is that I'm on spring break thanks to where I work, so hopefully there will be a good bit of time to actually sit down and work on finishing these songs.

Granted, I do have family coming in almost all week, but there's got to be some down time in there somewhere, right?  They're not showing up til Monday, though, so maybe the rest of the weekend can be solid.  Wish me luck, I might just need it.

Day Two Hundred Twenty Six (Year Eight)

Today was another quiet day.

I was able to fit in a bit of studying and a bit of playing, but it wasn't focused on the things I would have expected yesterday.

Tomorrow will be a bigger music day, I hope.  I'm looking forward to working on songs during the day, and then getting together with my group of ukulele kids at 5 tomorrow night.

Tonight is vague, I know.  I also know that there's a lot I want to get to tomorrow, and that I'm pretty well spent for today.

Day Two Hundred Twenty Five (Year Eight)

Today was an astonishingly quiet day, even more so than yesterday.

About the only thing of consequence that was accomplished today was some of the sorting through song ideas into projects that needed to happen for things to move forward.  Being able to slot some things in place really helped my sense of order for the rest of the work that is to come.

Between tomorrow and Wednesday, I need to find a good bit of time to sit down and work through the songs that still need finishing.

Day Two Hundred Twenty Four (Year Eight)

I haven't been very consistent lately.  Or, rather I've been consistently inconsistent when it comes to posting.

Today was an all right day.  I helped the kids with ukulele stuff this morning before church, and as a result may have some teaching on the horizon once again.  We'll see what, if anything, comes of that opportunity.

Then tonight, I got a bit of time down in the studio, but most of that was spent getting things cleaned up a bit and doing some listening.  No serious playing really got done, although I did pick up the acoustic for a few minutes while I was down there.  Most of my inability to do much in the way of playing was related to the fact that I had left the record I was working on last month upstairs in my Tele case, and didn't feel like heading back up to snag it. 

There will be time for that tomorrow.