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Day Eighty Eight (Year Eight)

Today was a quiet day.  Work took a lot out of me, and I went in tired, so that didn't help.

My CDs came today, so I'll get a chance to sit and do some listening this weekend.  I'm looking forward to both the St. Vincent and the Deer Tick.

What I really need to do over the weekend is find a way to sit down and work on both songs and practicing.  Things have gotten away from me a bit the last week or two, and I need to get things back on track.
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Day Eighty Seven (Year Eight)

I got to a few things today, but not as much as I had intended to.  It was kind of a blur, really, and I'm honestly not sure how the day went so quickly.  Oh well, the weekend will be better.

The other thing that I keep forgetting to add in here is that I've got the new Deer Tick records, and the new St. Vincent album on the way.  Those are supposed to arrive tomorrow, so that should set up some good listening for the weekend.

Day Eighty Six (Year Eight)

Today was a better day. I didn't get a whole lot more time in the studio today than I did yesterday, but for some reason I am feeling better about where I sit tonight than I felt yesterday. It probably has something to do with the fact that I have a better sense of what I am hoping to get done tomorrow.

Today really was a day of setting things up that I can get done tomorrow.

Day Eighty Five (Year Eight)

Today was another one where there just wasn't the time I had been hoping for.

I spent a bit of time working with the Beatles study, but I wasn't able to get in some good work on the songs for the EP project or do much in the way of practicing.

Tomorrow is going to be a better day.

Day Eighty Four (Year Eight)

Today was a quiet one. I was able to get everything from yesterday moved down into the studio, and then after that I spent a bit of time with the Beatles study.

I had higher hopes than that for the day, but will have to be happy with what I was able to get done.

Day Eighty Three (Year Eight)

Today was a day spent mostly in the car. 

During our stops, however, I managed to find a book on songwriting, a record by St. Vincent, a few old guitar magazines, and a bit of Stephen Kellogg.

All told, it was a pretty decent haul.